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Everything You Need to Know About Us:

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Since 1996, The Ultimate Handyman has provided commercial and residential property owners and designers – and even our competitors – with several additional pairs of hands to complete any kind of construction, remodel, installation, and maintenance project.

Some more about us to handle your projects:

We handle our projects with a 100% commitment to client satisfaction and a special love of custom construction elements.

You probably also need to know, that our main team has collectively earned over 145 years of building and general remodel construction and contracting experience.

On the other side of this business, our 275 subcontractors are ready for any size construction, additions and remodels, Covering us for any size of work.

Finally, our 627 suppliers know the importance of partnership in our business.

I believe this is all you need to know about us to feel safe that you are in the right hands.

About us, Past, Present and Future:

The company has grown from a small one-man construction operation to a dedicated company specializing in building, remodels and maintenance.

We serve over 1000 recurring high-end homeowners for all their construction, remodels and maintenance needs.

Our customers include world-famous entertainers and high-profile entertainment, management, advertising, and public relations executives, as well as more than 4,000 HOA units, and over 2,500 apartments through various management companies.

In addition, we service local branches of national retail stores, helping larger maintenance companies with their excess workload.

We are also looking forward to create a database of videos, explaining all frequent questions that we get from our clients…AND BEYOND! Helping anyone and everyone to get their projects done.

We credit The Ultimate Handyman’s growth to satisfied clients’ word of mouth, and we feel there could be no greater thanks than that.


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There is a reason why its all about us:

The Ultimate Construction was already taken, also the Ultimate Remodeler, the Ultimate Builder, and many others related to construction. Because of our name we generated so much demand for handyman services that we are also performing Handyman work!  

Besides being general contractors, Builders and a construction company, providing handyman services to our neighbors became more like a community service and an expansion of a well planned business.  

As any good General Contractor would, we use Pros for every construction specialty that you need.

You can always count on our friendly and helpful construction and office personnel to assist you.

We are here personally to take your call, schedule your job or even free verbal estimates over the phone, or simply to answer your construction questions.

Who else can say this?

To finalize, we are the best local construction company and we know it! Now you have to see it for yourself.

About us for small jobs:

What about us?

Among the many other reasons you have to choose The Ultimate Handyman for all of your home repair, construction or upgrade needs, we would like to remind you of some very important ones:

What about our construction workers and partners:

Our construction professionals and craftsmen are all licensed and insured – with several years of experience on their specific field.

What about the services that we provide?

The Ultimate Handyman offers many simple services that other contractors refuse to take, but we do them on a time and materials basis, as:

• Minor Plumbing Repairs and Clogs
• Touch up Painting and one-wall painting os small remodels
• Electrical repairs, replacement of switches, plugs, faceplates or part of do-it-yourself remodels
• Recaulking Bathtubs and Showers instead of shower pan replacements
Chair Rails Repairs, Installation or Refinishing
• Adjust Doors, thresholds, Jamb repairs or small carpentry part of larger remodels
• Clean Rain Gutters, repair or Reattach Gutters
• Flooring Local Repair, Refinish and Replace
• Window Valances, Panes Repairs, and Hanging Curtains helping on decoration after your remodel.

• Install Window Treatments, blinds, and Glass Films
Hang Pictures, artwork, Earthquake-safe hardware
• Installation of Crown Moldings, Baseboards and Trims
• ADA Compliant Ramps and Bridges
• Minor Carpentry Work , Dry Rot Repair, and Termite Damage Repair
• Staining, Sanding, Varnishing and Refinishing Furniture
• Drywall Repair, Patches, Fix Nail Holes
• Small Repair on Tiles, Marble, Stone, and Concrete
Grab Bars installation and ADA Approved Hardware
Storm Door Installation
• Downspouts repair, Installation
• Vanities Replacement, Repair and Counters
• Install Shelving, supports, TV brackets

• Weather Stripping installation,
Mail Box repair, replacement and installation
• Fencing, Repair and Replacement
• Replace Light Bulbs on high ceilings
• Hanging a ceiling fan
• Doing pest repairs, fixing dry rot
• Pressure washing a driveway
• Staining a deck
• Repairing a fence
• Building a gate
• Replacing a faucet
• Replacing a light fixture
• Preparing a home for sale
• Installing a tubular skylight
• Repainting a bedroom
• Replacing a screen door
• Building an arbor
• Hanging pictures
• Water heater earthquake strapping

…and much more!

What about billing and our pricing?

Any construction, repair or maintenance that is expected to cost less than $3,000, that other General Contractors refuse, can be done with us on a time and materials basis.

WE WILL NOT TURN YOU DOWN as long as you agree to our $150 minimum charge and our terms of service that you can find by clicking these buttons below:

How about if you need to prepare a home to sell it?

About us when Preparing Your Home for Sale

We can do all those things that can bring the value of your home through the roof!

People offer much less than your home is worth just because there are some cosmetic items that we can fix in a few days.

Investors know it, they buy a rundown home,  and hire us to the the work.

The price of a house bought is public info, the price that the house is sold, its also public information, and we know exactly how much an investor paid us to remodel the house! So now you know why it is all about us!

We know that if you fix your house, it will be worth much more!

Here are some small things we do that make a huge difference:

Caulk Exterior of Home
• Door Replacement – Front Door
• Door Replacement – Interior
• Door Replacement and Repair- Screen
• Drywall Repair and construction
• Painting – Interior Room
• Painting – Concrete Steps and Porch
• Construction Repair – Door sill and window sills

• Construction Repair – Toilet Area
• Construction Repair – Trim Board
• Construction Repair – Window Trim
• Construction Repair – Under Kitchen Sink
• Pressure Wash – Driveway
Smoke Detector Installation and Wiring
Earthquake valve install
Water Heater Strapping and construction retrofitting.

Construction Action Video

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Why Choose Us?

• Fully licensed, bonded and insured up to 2,000,000
• Straightforward advice from experts on how to proceed with your problem
• Satisfaction Guaranteed or contact the owner Directly!

• Owner has 25 years of hands-on experience and thousands of local satisfied customers
• We keep all our jobs local so the owner can inspect random jobs on a short notice or as needed.

about us

The Ultimate Handyman is an One-Stop Construction Shop

We are your complete Building, Maintenance and Repair company. We typically take care of several jobs in one call with substantial savings to the client.

about us


We hire only the best tradesmen. Every home repair craftsman we hire has a minimum of 10 years experience on their specific trade. The owner comes from a lineage of general contractors / builders and has more than 25 years of hands-on construction, building and maintenance.

The Ultimate Handyman uses professionals for every building trade to perform their respective tasks. Its all about coordination of the best qualified labor available in Los Angeles.

Independent Operator with the Owners Guarantee

We do not work with internet referral or contractor marketing affiliated companies because of their monthly high costs, which ultimately, are passed on to the consumers. The owner is always somehow involved with all jobs and if you are not satisfied, you can email us and a copy of your email goes directly to the owner. or Just Click Here.

Click here to check on up-to-date information about our License, Insurance and Bond with the Contractors State License Board of California.

Tools and Techniques

We are continually investing in new technology and learning about new advanced materials and techniques; which, makes our jobs go faster and more smoothly, saving you time and money.

Pressure Washing

• Pressure Wash – Commercial Patio Construction

• Pressure Wash – Driveway and Walkways

We can acid wash or pressure wash concrete surfaces to get rid of oil stains or rust.


• Decks – Build Outdoor Stairway and Related Construction
• Hang Heavy or Valuable Artwork and earthquake retrofit for art work
• Refinishing – Any construction element in need of refinishing

• Roof and construction to retrofit a new Water Storage Tank in the attic.
• Tubular Skylight Installation, Sonotubes, and construction related to skylight installs.
• Washer and Dryer – Hook up and construction of laundry rooms.

Code Compliance - On Older homes, specially if you have a duplex one unit occupied by tenants, you may have to upgrade the propriety to comply with current code, including smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, access deficiencies, cracks and many other things dictated by code but you will only find out once an inspector knocks at your front door.

Safety and Health

• Earthquake Strapping for Heavy Items
• Grab Bar Installation
• Handrail for Garage Steps

• Smoke Detector Installation
• Water Heater Strapping

You may have already noticed that we are not your typical General Contractor and much more than a Maintenance Service Provider. We are a group of seasoned builders, specialty contractors, and craftspeople that are also very resourceful, intelligent, skillful on our specific trades, not counting our army of workers.

We got together with the goal of performing any construction work including all its sub specialties to perfection keeping your goals in mind.

Founded in 1995, The Ultimate Handyman serves over 1000 recurring high-end homeowners, including world-famous entertainers and high-profile, management, advertising, and public relations executives, more than 4,000 HOA units and over 2,500 apartments through various management companies. We also service local branches of national retail stores helping larger Maintenance Companies on their excess workload. This is all besides the construction projects we are hired to build.

We credit The Ultimate Handyman’s growth to satisfied clients’ word of mouth, and we feel there could be no greater thanks than that.

One. Two. Three. You’re home!

So you only have two hands. The Ultimate Handyman knows. We are general contractors who provide you with a few extra pairs to implement any kind of construction, installation, and maintenance on your residential or business property. Whether you’re in immediate crisis over fire or flood, about to close on a new house, or simply contemplating adding a patio to your restaurant, The Ultimate Handyman can manage, direct, and complete whatever kind of project you have planned. We offer a 100% commitment to client satisfaction and a special love of custom work.

Lighting Installation | Los Angeles Electrician and Handyman

For all areas and zip codes where we provide constructions services, additions and remodels.  

We truly hope we have helped you today, either with needed information or knowledge, but if you still have the problem and want it resolved, feel free to call us at 323-651-0635 and we will be glad to send you an technician to solve your particular problem.



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