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HVAC Repair

Functional air conditioning.

I’m sure you have the intension to save some money by calling a handyman to do an HVAC job, but that is not wise. The only reason why you should hire a handyman to do an HVAC work, repair or maintenance is if you know exactly what needs to be done, has the exact parts and materials and just don’t want to have your hands dirty. Keep in mind that this kind of work done by a handyman is warranted and guaranteed to the extent that you stood there watching the handyman do exactly what you wanted. Meaning, that if it doesn’t work, you still have to pay for the time that the handyman spent doing what you wanted.

On the other hand, we have many customer with knowledge to do the work, but prefer hiring our guys to do the dirty work, saving themselves lots of money.

Different types of air conditioning/HVAC systems require different means to collect and remove the condensation water for proper drainage. Usually a drip pan and a set of pipes will do, but sometimes it requires a labyrinth-style network of pipes arranged with pumps and check valves – which in turn requires a lot of regular maintenance to keep your air conditioner running well. We can install your system exactly as you designed and bought parts for, but we will do that on a time and materials basis.

Maintaining an HVAC system may be costly or time consuming and some people choose to ignore those Systems until they brake or bring them problems. Neglecting these systems may invite water damage and a new array of other, more exciting problems that, believe us, you don’t want to deal with: Damaged walls and ceilings that require repair, hidden mold and mildew that become health hazards to your family and/or employees and require hazard abatement…so your property ends up with an issue that legally needs disclosure to the next buyer.

Avoid this mess. Call The Ultimate Handyman to schedule an appointment to service your HVAC or call us to set up regular visits using our maintenance program.

Spread the knowledge to others