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Asphalt parking lot. We can draw yellow lines on your driveway, too.


Asphalt (aka blacktop) is often the pavement one ends up with in a new home with a long driveway, primarily because it is one of the least expensive paved surfaces a builder can install.

Just because asphalt is cheap by no means makes it inferior – in fact, properly installed, it can last for 30 years or more. If you have ever taken a spill on asphalt you can testify to its durability.

Blacktop is a matrix of small rock chips, sand, and asphalt cement to glue it all together. Blacktop is flexible, especially newer blacktop, since it retains many of the lighter hydrocarbon oils that allow asphalt cement to liquefy at cake-baking temperatures. If you put a piece of concrete in your 350 degree oven, you will get a hot rock as opposed to a puddle of smoking goo. (NOTE: We do not recommend actually trying this.)

The secret to getting a long-lasting driveway that can withstand even regular heavy truck traffic is to lay it on a well-compacted base of eight to 10 inches of crushed gravel over solid soil. Ask us how!

Spread the knowledge to others