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The Ultimate Handyman concrete crew replaces, repairs and maintains driveways and sidewalks all over Los Angeles.

“Why concrete?” you may be asking yourself. Or you may not be, but we’ll be glad to tell you why concrete is the most popular driveway material.

*Durability. Concrete driveways stand up to traffic day in and day out, year after year, often for over 30 years.

*Versatility. Concrete can be colored, stamped, stenciled, and otherwise manipulated into a variety of decorative textures and finishes.

*Ease. Maintenance-free concrete does not need to be seal coated annually.

*Environmental friendliness. Cured concrete is an inert, recyclable material.

*Safety. Concrete’s smooth, bright surface increases the effectiveness of exterior lighting.

After we build a new concrete driveway we always ask, and 100% of the homeowners with concrete driveways we surveyed said they would choose concrete again. I guess they liked it… You will too.

Spread the knowledge to others