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Contact The Ultimate Handyman in Los Angeles to answer all your construction and remodeling questions.

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8350 Melrose Ave. #1
Los Angeles, CA 90069


Phone: (323) 651-0635
Fax: (323) 651-0626


The Ultimate Handyman in Los Angeles will answer any questions about construction and remodels over the email.

For those who don’t know how to use the internet (surprisingly there are many people like that out there, hence this line), just click on the links below to Email us! DUH!

Request Services : Business Inquiries, Q&A, Business Questions, requests for services, approval of proposals and estimates.

Ongoing Projects and Follow Ups: For Current Customers, Requesting Service, Requesting Information about ongoing or scheduled projects.

Tell the Owner: Anything you would like to tell the owner to improve business practices, and keep all employees honest. Emails to this address, at your request, will be kept in secrecy. We use the information received here to evaluate employees’ performances, make changes to our procedures in order to adapt to your needs.

Feel free to tell the owner anything that needs to be told! Employees are reprimanded or praised based on your input. When secrecy is not requested, Emails either positive or negative are kept until the end of the year for annual reviews. Employee praises need to have specific job description, address and reasons for the praise.

Remember: Emails are sorted and kept for annual employee reviews.

Employment Request If you have a very specific building trade or talent, or even perhaps you feel you are deserving of the title “The Ultimate Handyman” here may be the place for you. Contact us here.

Sub contractor Submission If you are really good at what you do, has a very specialized trade talent, and are licensed with CSLB, we always have specialized jobs for you. We keep you busy and you keep our clients happy.

Do you need a General Contractor?

Do you need a General Contractor?

Spread the knowledge to others