The Ultimate Handyman offers coupons for construction and remodels during downtimes in Los Angeles

1 – Coupons cannot be combined with promotional rates, other coupons and/or daily specials.

2 – Coupons cannot be doubled up.

3 – Coupons cannot be used partially or in different days, unless when determined by our techs that doing so is the most efficient way to handle your specific job.

4 – Coupons are only valid when used at the following starting hours: 8:30 AM or 1:00PM  – Ask about appointment times when using a coupon. These starting times were stipulated to allow for half-day jobs and full-day jobs to be performed more efficiently fitting different jobs into 8 business hours.

Standardizing starting times is designed to maximize the useable day for our workforce, which in turn, allow us to offer you such good deals.

When customer chooses to start the work at different hours other than those listed above, labor hours are to be charged as if work was started at the earlier of the two standard times as listed above; therefore, if you choose to start the work at 9:30 AM and want to use a coupon, you will be billed starting at 8:30 AM.

5 – Coupons have no cash value.

6 – Coupons for gift certificates are not gift certificates, they are offers only. A coupon for a gift certificate is a device that grants you a gift certificate when you hire our services and pay for it in full according to instructions on the coupon.

7 – Gift certificates are to be used on the next visit and will be listed on your account as a credit after your balance is paid in full. No exception.

8 – When given as a present, gift certificates will be issued linked to your account. It is your responsibility to notify us the name of the person that will be using your credit.

9 – Coupons or gift certificates have to be delivered to our worker at his/her arrival on the same day when work is being performed.

10 – Coupons cannot be copied or reproduced in any way, only original coupon will be accepted.

11 – Coupon codes must be mentioned when calling in for service or scheduling.

12- Coupons do not include any trash haul away or trash pick up and/or dumping.


13- “Meet or Beat” offers are to be applied to original proposals only.  Proposals have to be from any competing Construction Company. Proposals have to be submitted to us in its entirety and on their ORIGINAL form, copies are not accepted.  Proposals submitted to us for consideration regarding our “Meet or Beat” offer have to be from competing companies that are licensed, insured, bonded, and provide workers compensation to the levels compatible or better than those provided by our company. We will scrutinize each submitted proposal by researching about, and verifying the necessary information using the California State License Board databases, Insurance Commission Databases, among other Governmental and non-governmental Institutions/organizations in order to determine if offer can be granted based on the info provided by said agencies and companies. We reserve the right to deny our “Meet or Beat” offers to anyone, when job specifications are vague, or there are no architectural plans, or there is incomplete specifications for the job, or Information about the competing company cannot be verified, or if insurance coverages provided are lesser than the ones provided by us.

14- Meet or Beat offers are subject to careful review and require a period of 10 working-days for detailed examination in order to be granted or denied. For jobs over $25,000 we will send you a letter or Email granting or denying the meet or beat offer with explanations or details about jobs specifications and clarifications about the job, keep this paper for your records, our proposal will be based on exact same specifications as the competitors, any change on the original specs, or change orders after acceptance of “Meet or Beat Deal” will nullify the deal.