Amex, Visa, MastercardAll invoices can be conveniently paid by phone using your Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. Your credit card company charges us about 3.22% fee for the convenience of accepting credit cards, so it is just fair that everyone else that pays cash and check gets that as a discount, the amount listed on every invoice already reflects such discount.

If you decide to pay on your credit card you do not qualify for this discount; therefore, you pay more. If you would rather get a 3.22% discount from your credit card total owed, you can always give us a check instead.

We do not want to pass that as a hidden charge to ALL our customers, so it’s just fair that all other forms of payment gets a lower price, perhaps by doing this, we can show those rich fellas that it is best to open a savings account to pay for those miles that are now “given for free” by their credit cards. We are just trying to start a new order where the poor (that has to pay cash) doesn’t pay the hidden fees for the rich.