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Custom Construction

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Established in 1995, The Ultimate Handyman has grown to become the premier builder and remodeler of commercial and residential construction projects throughout greater Los Angeles. We are a privately held business, built on the principles of value, customer satisfaction, integrity, and honesty. The Ultimate Handyman was founded by Mr. Monteiro, who has built an organization that takes great pride in the level of professionalism and expertise that is brought to each and every project and valued personal relationships and respect in every interaction.

The Ultimate Handyman understands the needs of its clients. Time lines and communication are paramount to any project’s success along with maintaining budgets and providing the highest quality craftsmanship. With our personal commitment and dedication to every project we have earned the business and respect of the nation’s largest construction companies and developers that hire us for all their projects in the greater Los Angeles areas.

Our team consists of professional architects, engineers, estimators, project managers, site superintendents, as well as an in depth, established group of valued subcontractors. We can act either as a general contractor, or work in a more specialized capacity such as construction manager or design/builder all the way down to a single-trade construction project. Together we successfully work to meet all aspects and phases of the building process and providing services to other builders that don’t have all specialties on their staff.

As a solutions-based remodeling and construction company, we are able to differentiate ourselves from the competition. There are always issues and challenges that arise throughout any project. Being able to present these challenges along with solutions to clients is crucial. Bringing solutions to the table enables progress to be made, and ultimately gets a project built.

We are a Construction Company that also provides Handyman services and custom construction in Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills and many other adjacent cities. We have professionals of every construction trade to assist you in the completion of any construction, repair, remodel, additions, installations, and maintenance projects.

Our craftsmen will perform an amazing job and you will be 100% satisfied.

We know the formula for success:

1) Integrity, Respect, and Honesty on every relationship,

2) Keeping your goals in mind with thoughtful decisions, ethical choices, superior craftsmanship,

3) Utilizing our resourcefulness and responsiveness to achieve your goals

= Outstanding results and your Satisfaction.

Our company’s  main goal is to provide quality services at unbeatable prices to satisfy our clients.

We will get better at it daily as we learn your needs and learn to fulfill them as a partner.

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Is your contractor playing a game of hide and seek with you? Hiding the work that he knows needs to be done and seeking extra payments when he “runs into it”? We can help you. On a daily basis we take on projects that contractors have evaluated for thousands of dollars and we have tackled them for a fraction of the price. All done on a time and materials basis. We are a different kind of company, click values on the nav bar and compare with what your contractor is doing. It is a no Brainer. Call us and give us a chance to prove our value. You will be firing your contractor and never looking back.

Proudly Serving Los Angeles, West Hollywood, and Adjacent Cities.

We deal with sprinkler systems while working with other parts of a building, here is some of relevant words that will help you find us.

We are a Commercial Remodeling Company and General Contractor that provide services in Malibu among other adjacent cities around Los Angeles, CA.

We are also specialized in Office remodeling, we have remodeled several office buildings in Westwood, west Los Angeles and downtown LA.  We offer different specs for Office Addition, that makes it affordable. Commercial Bathroom Remodeling is another specialty that requires the knowledge of our experienced craftspeople.

As a premiere General Contractor Company situated in Los Angeles California, but also serving Pacific Palisades, Malibu, Bel Air and Beverly Hills, we have acted as a general contractor to perform Room Addition or smaller jobs as Office Windows Replacement, or other smaller work.

We can help you with whole Office reconfiguration, by building walls and installing new receptacles and cubicles or simply adding some extra plugs for your new computer.

We are a General Contractor company that cares for the results of all and any of our residential, Commercial and industrial remodeling.

We also remove load bearing walls, install beans, earthquake safe hardware to attach structure to the ground, and have it all safely grounded. Commercials buildings have special requirements that have to be followed when building and construction is going on. We at The Ultimate Handyman follow all the codes and requirements as per governmental agencies that regulate general contractors, construction and building. Fire suppression systems, fire protection items, special commercial plumbing fixtures, tbar and fluorescent light are some of examples of items that need to be considered in commercial and industrial construction. We at the Ultimate Handyman in Los Angeles, have the art of construction refined to a “T”. We have built, remodeled and installed all kinds of commercial systems and Los Angeles and all adjacent cities. Ask to see our documentation of jobs performed and references. We have an extensive library of photos and movies of commercial jobs we performed so you feel comfortable hiring our company based on proven experience and track record.


We truly hope we have helped you today, either with needed information or knowledge, but if you still have the problem and want it resolved, feel free to call us at 323-651-0635 and we will be glad to send you an technician to solve your particular problem.



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