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Do you have an earthquake valve, also known as a seismic valve? It provides an instant, automatic shut-off for low pressure regulated gas supply during a major earthquake and/or when the pipe is otherwise broken. It is a small device installed on the property gas meter, usually between the utility company’s metered installation and the structure piping. It works on both utility supplied natural gas and on gaseous liquified petroleum gas (aka LPG).

earthquake valve shut off automatic

Pressure test being performed on a gas line for final inspection.

Utility companies recommend that you shut off your gas immediately after an earthquake, as fires or explosions due to gas line breaks can be more damaging than actual earthquakes themselves. If you are at work or away when an earthquake hits, you may not be able to get home in time. An earthquake valve will take care of this right away for you.

These devices should be installed by licensed contractors and cost anywhere from $300 to $1,550 per meter, including parts and labor.bracket earthquake

in ground vault Earthquake valve

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