Plumbing shower guts.

Plumbing shower guts.

The Ultimate Handyman is here to handle your construction and maintenance emergencies:

We mitigate damages, we will rope off areas, enclose and protect personal property from further damage and correct the source of emergency.

You must have a retainer account with our company prior to us tending to any emergency.

Account holders will have an emergency code to dial on our answering system so you will always get an actual person to report emergencies after hours — 24/7.

Now you can go on vacation not worrying what if.

For homeowners, our rates are $195 for first hour and $95 per hour thereafter so we can have a professional handle any of your emergencies. Parts, Equipment, and Materials follow the same rules as our Materials Reimbursement Policies, for multi-unit buildings we will provide you with a pricing according to age, size and number of units in your building. Call us today to schedule an evaluation.