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Would you like to save up to 30% on your energy bill AND make your home more comfortable at the same time, all while making the planet a better place for everyone? We’ll wait while you think about it.

Thought so. Consider installing passive solar, active photovoltaic, or other renewable energy systems. There are many opportunities for increasing energy efficiency and sustainability in the design, construction, and renovation phases of building, so it’s never too late to do well by doing good.

But if you don’t have big pockets, start off by installing weather strips around your door and windows, replacing all light bulbs by LED or fluorescent bulbs, replace the air filters for your AC so it will work more efficiently, Install a programable thermostat, Install a low-flow toilet, install a low flow shower head, faucets and hose bibs… and keep that fridge door closed!

Call us if you need any of these things done. We will be glad to help, no matter how involved or simple the project that you have in mind is…and we wont even open your refrigerator’s door.

Spread the knowledge to others