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Fences and Railings

On the last two decades, we have had a chance to work on every kind of fence. Form custom to run-of-the-mill dogear fence or chainlink, you name it and we have done it. Give us a call and we can give you an accurate cost to complete your project without headaches or running around. (323) 651 0635

Carpentry fence retaining wall

When you think wood fence installation, you should think The Ultimate Handyman. We are one of the best home remodeling companies in Los Angeles. As a premiere fence builder and house remodeling experts, The Ultimate handyman has also grown to be the best at building fences, therefore we can offer you unbeatable prices.

We are much more than a fencing company. We can handle deck gates, dry-rot repairs, deck railings, deck access, wood siding, wood gates, and any kind of carpentry as long as it is in Los Angeles or in any of adjacent cities.

Any Home remodeling company can offer wood fences and vinyl fences, but the Ultimate Handyman can also offer HANDYMAN PRICES, which saves you a bundle!

Fencing companies tend to avoid repairing existing fences and often suggest to rebuild a damaged fence from scratch instead of repairing the damaged section, but The Ultimate Handyman will assess and suggest what is the most efficient and money saving options before jumping to the most expensive option that is redo it all.

The Ultimate Handyman painting an exterior wood railing so it doesn't deteriorate or rot with the moisture from the ocean in Santa Monica

The Ultimate Handyman painting an exterior wood railing so it doesn't deteriorate or rot with the moisture from the ocean in Santa Monica

Our fence installers have decades of experience building wooden fences, picket fences, dog-eared fences and many other outstanding fencing projects.

Every home in Los Angeles needs some sort of fence. We are capable of building them all.  We are a home remodeling company here in Los Angeles since 1995 and during all these years we have developed a special love for wood fences.  All these years of experience allow us to perform the work much more efficiently; therefore, offering to you better prices.

setting up posts for a fence over a masonry wall

The Ultimate Handyman will install the tall fence you need to keep in what belongs in and keep out what doesn't belong.

If you want to separate outdoor areas but still make it look presentable, just remove that chain link fence and install a picket fence. Your dog will be corralled by a fence that also frames the yard. We can also ad wood gates that match the picket fence and self-closes, so the dog doesn’t get loose.

We are the fence builders that you have been looking for, actually we are not only a fence contractor, we are general contractors and a home remodeling company but we have the license B to be considered fence contractors as well, and keep in mind that we have specialized professional to specifically handle fences. Look no more, call us and we will answer whatever questions you may have regarding building fences.

Fence builders in Los Angeles - the home remodeling company that takes special love for wood fences.

Fence builders in Los Angeles - the home remodeling company that takes special love for wood fences.

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Deck railings made from composites, metal, glass, plastic and vinyl are discussed, with tips and special techniques for using them.

One of my saddest experiences as a contractor occurred when I revisited a gorgeous wood deck I had built 10 years before. It was a wreck.

The homeowner had tried to keep up with the maintenance, but he’d found that it was too much work. He had discovered, like so many other wooden-deck owners, that even when it doesn’t rot, wood tends to crack, splinter and warp.


Fortunately, a whole range of new deck and railing materials have been developed in the last 10 years. These last longer than wood and need little maintenance. Although still twice the price of standard treated wood, composite woods—and other maintenance- free materials like vinyl and aluminum—are getting popular fast. In this article, we’ll walk you through the variety of materials now available for low-maintenance deck railings and tell you their strengths and weaknesses. While many are by the same manufacturers that make decking, they’re a separate product. You can use them on any type of deck, including decks made of wood.

This picture depicts a custom rail, build in a post and Rail, Ranch style using a composite material located in Studio City, CA.

This picture depicts a custom rail, build in a post and Rail, Ranch style using a composite material, and it is located in Studio City, CA. if you want to see it for yourself, go to the corner of Van Noord Ave and North Ventura Blvd.

Material options:

The post sections shown in Figure A illustrate the range of materials now used for railings. The composites are the most popular, as is composite decking. They’re made from a blend of wood fibers and either virgin or recycled plastic, mixed into a paste and then extruded into the various railing shapes. The fibers provide strength and stability while the plastic protects the fibers from moisture, rot and insects.Most lumberyards and home centers now stock at least one or two brands and will special-order others. Each brand has a slightly different design, selection of colors and sometimes texture. Some are hollow and some are solid. Each system comes with its own assembly directions, which must be followed to ensure strength and safety. Low-maintenance railing materials

Solid types are more like solid wood; you bolt the posts to the deck framing just as with wood 4x4s. Since the color is consistent throughout the material, you can shape or bevel edges with a router and leave post ends exposed. And since the material is solid, it’s more resistant to dings and nicks. On the downside, solid composites are heavier, and if you don’t support them properly, they’ll sag. And you won’t find them with PVC coatings.

This is a close up of the above rail with the details of how it was built. Really easy to to reproduce, but use a lot of screws to keep it together.

This is a close up of the above rail with the details of how it was built. Really easy to reproduce, but use a lot of screws to keep it together.

Hollow composites are lighter and slightly stiffer. Rails and balusters are usually connected with special brackets, which are hidden (Figure B). They allow you to make strong connections easier and faster. You can also slide the hollow posts in most systems right over standard 4×4 wood deck posts. In fact, some hollow systems require 4×4 wood posts for strength. On the downside, hollow posts tend to be larger than solid types. They often require special trim pieces to cover joints and edges. Curves aren’t an option as they are with solid railings.

Most composites are paintable, but eventually the paint will age and you’ll have to repaint, increasing the maintenance factor.

FIGURE B Typical composite railing assembly

Tips for installing composite railings

If you’ve worked with wood, you won’t have any trouble working with composites. Each system is engineered to meet the requirements of the building code, so it’s important not to deviate from those instructions. Composites (as well as PVC and plastics) also need extra space for expansion in hot weather. The instructions will specify how much, or the fastening system will account for this factor. Composites are not meant for ground contact.

Keep in mind that composites can’t be used for structural purposes. And although they’re heavier and denser than wood, they’re neither as strong nor as stiff. They can break if dropped or bent too far. If you skimp on supports, composites will sag from their own weight. On the plus side, this means that some types will curve. The Trex brand in particular emphasizes this feature, and its installation manual goes into detail about how to heat handrails and decking and force them into attractive permanent curves. And finally, be aware that some systems have limitations and not all have been tested and approved to meet the building code. Always check this detail with the manufacturer and with your local building officials.

The plastic option

Several companies make solid-plastic decking and handrail systems that look like composites. You install them similar to hollow composites. They’re slightly more expensive, but the manufacturers claim that solid plastic is more durable and long lasting.

Vinyl railings

post-and-rail systems are really fun to build.

post-and-rail systems are really fun to build.

If you want a white railing, vinyl railings can be a good choice. You’ll find a wide price range. The more expensive varieties are long lasting and tough and have wellengineered metal inserts for stiffness and strength. Vinyl doesn’t stain or collect mold as easily as composites in most situations, and its smooth surface is easy to clean. On the downside, all the parts are hollow, so vinyl railings usually require more pieces for strength.You slip the vinyl posts over either a sturdy metal base or a wood 4×4 bolted to the deck frame.

Aluminum railings

All-aluminum railing systems are made by many companies, usually for apartment and commercial buildings. They’re slimmer and a bit commercial looking, but they’re extremely long lasting. Since they are usually surface mounted, they require especially strong anchoring systems.

Low-maintenance components

Aluminum balusters are inexpensive and available in a number of attractive designs in highly durable colored finishes. You should never have to refinish them. They eliminate that endless chore of cleaning and refinishing wood balusters. About $16 to $36 per lin. ft.

Glass panels leave you with a perfect, uncluttered view, and they also block the wind. They have to be tempered (hardened) for safety and we recommend that you use a slightly smoky glass so birds (and kids!) don’t accidentally run into them. Expensive, about $60 to 160 per lin. ft.

Buyer’s Guide


CHOICEDEK: Solid; (800) 951-5117; www.choicedek.com; sold through Lowe’s

CORRECTDECK: Solid; (888) 290-1235; www.correctdeck.com

TIMBERTECH: Hollow; (800) 307-7780; www.timbertech.com

TREX: Both solid and hollow PVC-coated composite systems; (800) 289-8739; www.trex.com

VERANDA: Hollow; (877) 463-8379; www.verandadeck.com; sold through Home Depot


EON: Hollow; (866) 342-5366; www.eonoutdoor.com


CERTAINTEED: EverNew Vinyl; (800) 782-8777; www.certainteed.com

ENDURANCE: (877) 420-7245; www.rdirail.com

KROY: (800) 933-5769; www.kroybp.com


DECKORATORS: Aluminum balusters; (800) 332-5724; www.deckorators.com

RAIL BLAZERS: (877) 883-7325; www.peakproducts.com

Find glass and more aluminum railing sources in your local Yellow Pages.

Look for:

Railing (Fence) Styles
Fence – Chain Link – 60in
Fence – Chain Link – 72in
Fence – Chain Link – 84in
Fence – Chain Link – 96in
Fence – Chain Link – Barbwire – 66in
Fence – Chain Link – Barbwire – Center Rail – 66in
Fence – Chain Link – Barbwire – Tension Wire – 66in
Fence – Chain Link – Top Rail – Truss Rod – 72in
Fence – Chain Link – Razor Wire – 96in

Fence – Decorative Wire – 60in
Fence – Masonry Column – Metalwork
Fence – Masonry Column and Base – Metalwork
Fence – Masonry Column Round – Metalwork
Fence – Masonry Columns – Metalwork – Large
Fence – Masonry Columns and Base – Metalwork – Large
Fence – Masonry Garden Wall – Brick
Fence – Masonry Garden Wall – Brick – Piers – Large
Fence – Masonry Garden Wall – CMU
Fence – Masonry Garden Wall – Stucco
Fence – Masonry Security Bollard 1
Fence – Metal Ornamental Security 1
Fence – Metal Ornamental Security 2
Fence – Metal Ornamental Security 3
Fence – Palisade
Fence – Picket
Fence – Picket on Curb

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