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After such a tragic event as a house fire, it is hard to watch the remains of your personal possessions being scooped up with a Bobcat and hauled away to the dump.

Before reconstruction begins the process of cleaning up is essential. Emotionally distressed homeowners sometimes take weeks sorting through the debris before allowing the construction equipment in. We at The Ultimate Handyman understand that among the debris, there are pieces of a life or lives that need to be put back together, and that this is of as much importance as the repair of the physical house.

We use a debris separation system that is quick – it lets the homeowner review what is important while still allowing construction to proceed. We bring two containers to the job site: one for dumping debris, and one for storing items for later that are salvageable or of possible emotional attachment.

Usually our crew works alongside the homeowner. We eventually bring in the Bobcats, but for us it is more important to participate in the healing process than to immediately start building. If your home has suffered from fire damage, please give us a call and let us help you get your house back on track. We work with all insurance companies and we will take care of the process for you.

Spread the knowledge to others