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The Ultimate Handyman provides handyman services in los Angeles and other adjacent  major cities

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We can repair something so that only those who broke it would know it had been broken, that should earn us the name The Ultimate Handyman! But we can install something, so that the item looks like it has always been there – and that it should always be there. Right here, The Ultimate Handyman is a fitting title, but we can also create solutions for problems that other contractors swear on the lives of their first-born are issues with no solutions. Here handyman goes out of the window, and you can call us professionals!

We are more than just fix-it folks. We are a very resourceful and intelligent group of craftspeople.

We are a Construction Company that also provides Handyman services in Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills and many other adjacent cities, so you don’t have to deal with Handymen.

We have professionals of every construction trade to assist you in the completion of any construction, repair, remodel, additions, installations, and maintenance projects, and you will pay HANDYMAN PRICES!
Our craftsmen will perform an amazing job and you will be 100% satisfied, no more dealing with the know-it-all, jack-of-all-trades master-of-none.  You will get the professional specialized to perform the work that you are requesting, nothing less.

There is a reason why the word Handyman is in our name:

Because we perform work that, here in the USA is culturally described as Handyman work. But we use Pros for every specialty. You can always count on our friendly and helpful personnel to assist you. We are here personally to take your call, schedule your job or give you free verbal estimates, or simply answer your questions.

Among the many other reasons you have to choose The Ultimate Handyman for all of your home repair needs, we would like to remind you of some very important ones:

Our professional craftsmen are all bonded, licensed and insured – with several years of experience on their specific field. The Ultimate Handyman offers some other simple services that other contractors refuse to take, as:

Preparing Your Home for Sale

  • Caulk Exterior of Home
  • Door Replacement – Front Door
  • Door Replacement – Interior
  • Door Replacement – Screen
  • Drywall Repair
  • Painting – Interior Room
  • Painting – Concrete Steps and Porch
  • Pest Repair – Doorsill
  • Pest Repair – Toilet Area
  • Pest Repair – Trim Board
  • Pest Repair – Window Trim
  • Pest Repair – Under Kitchen Sink
  • Pressure Wash – Driveway
  • Smoke Detector Installation
  • Water Heater Strapping

Pressure Washing

  • Pressure Wash – Commercial Patio
  • Pressure Wash – Driveway


  • Decks – Build Outdoor Stairway
  • Hang Heavy or Valuable Artwork
  • Refinishing – Small Chest
  • Roof for Redwood Water Storage Tank
  • Tubular Skylight Installation
  • Washer and Dryer – Hook up

Safety and Health

  • Earthquake Strapping for Heavy Items
  • Grab Bar Installation
  • Handrail for Garage Steps
  • Smoke Detector Installation
  • Water Heater Strapping

…and much more!

Why Choose Us?

  • Fully licensed, bonded and insured up to 2,000,000
  • Straightforward advice from experts on how to proceed with your problem
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed or Talk Directly With the Owner
  • Owner has 25 years of hands-on experience and thousands of local satisfied customers
  • We keep all our jobs local so the owner can inspect random jobs on a short notice or as needed.

The Ultimate Handyman One Stop Construction Shop

We are your complete Building, Maintenance and Repair company. We typically take care of several jobs in one call with substantial savings to the client.


We hire only the best tradesmen. Every home repair craftsman we hire has a minimum of 10 years experience on their specific trade. The owner comes from a lineage of general contractors / builders and has more than 25 years of hands-on construction, building and maintenance.

Independent Operator with the Owners Guarantee

We do not do work for internet referral or contractor affiliated companies because of their high costs, which ultimately, are passed on to the consumers. The owner is always somehow involved with all jobs and if you are not satisfied, you can email us and a copy of your email goes directly to the owner. Click on contact us.

Tools and Techniques

We are continually investing in new technology and learning about new advanced materials and techniques; which, makes our jobs go faster and more smoothly, saving you time and money.

We know the formula for success:

+ 1) Integrity, Respect, and Honesty on every relationship,

+ 2) Keeping your goals in mind with thoughtful decisions, ethical choices, superior craftsmanship,

+ 3) Utilizing our resourcefulness and responsiveness to achieve your goals

= Outstanding results and your Satisfaction.

Our company’s  main goal is to provide quality services at unbeatable prices to satisfy our clients.

We will get better at it daily as we learn your needs and learn to fulfill them as a partner.

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Is your contractor playing a game of hide and seek with you? Hiding the work that he knows needs to be done and seeking extra payments when he “runs into it”? We can help you. On a daily basis we take on projects that contractors have evaluated for thousands of dollars and we have tackled them for a fraction of the price. All done on a time and materials basis. Anything that can be handled in a couple of days, we guarantee to cost less than $1,000 in Labor on a Time and Materials basis, no matter which of the basic specialties it requires. We call it Handyman rates.  We are a different kind of company, click values on the nav bar and compare with what your contractor is doing. It is a no Brainer. Call us and give us a chance to prove our value. You will be firing your contractor and never looking back.


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