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We find the leak and fix the leak.


We would like to be able to tell you that we have leak-detecting superpowers, but the truth is, we have an arsenal of tools that guarantee avoidance of both of the following scenarios: breaking your concrete walls OR collapsing your driveway (with your car still in it). We fill your pipes with pressurized inert gas and then use highly sensitive listening devices to figure out where the hole is.

A strange smell in your backyard could just be your dog’s flatulence – or it could be a dangerous gas leak. In order to confirm your dog’s innocence, we track the smell with apparatus that catches particles of the dangerous gases in the air and produces a sound to determine how close we are to the source of the gas leak. The machine tells us when we get hot or cold. We are fully equipped to find the leak and repair it before your building explodes.

Spread the knowledge to others