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Don’t fear the Housing Authority – they are the people who ensure that low-income apartments are safe and habitable (possibly unlike yours). We can help you make simple repairs to bring your units up to code: patch holes, install smoke detectors, eliminate the sources of smells, make the building systems sound and functional.

If you’re building low-income apartments, we can help you plan and implement your blueprints as well…simply and painlessly, start to finish, 100% in legal compliance. No joke.

Building and housing codes are designed for your own and your tenants safety, to protect their health and anyone else using a low-income dwelling. Housing codes can be simple and intuitive, but sometimes code compliance can get really confusing and finding the rules can get complicated. Building codes are more specific and knowledge in construction is paramount in order to properly comply.

Housing violations can get especially difficult when complying requires the involvement of other government agencies, like the Department of Building and safety.  We deal with interdepartmental violation and compliance. Many times one simple violation triggers a series of governmental agencies that can become a nightmare to deal with…

For Los Angeles residents, code compliance doesn’t need to be feared. The Ultimate Handyman can help you with specific building code violations, housing code violations, health code violations and any other governmental agencies that regulate, building, structures, habitability and safety.

We have contacts in the most important building departments in Los Angeles to help us and guide us when it comes to code enforcement, code compliance and code violations. We will bring issues to the attention of the public servants in charge of helping the public, never bringing to the attention of those in charge of “nailing” the public. We never raise red flags, we deal with problems discreetly until they are solved and nothing stays in you record.

Los Angeles Code Enforcement officials are not out to get you. They are only making sure that everyone complies equally to the rules.  The Ultimate Handyman acts as a bridge to help property owners to find out about code compliance, before code enforcement shows up and hands you a code violation.

When preemptively hiring The Ultimate Handyman to help you with code compliance, by the time that Code enforcement officials show up at your door, they will be delighted to find a dwelling that is fully compliant to all the required codes, ordinances and rules on the book. We bring specific situations to their attention without raising red flags and address any possible violation without the deadlines and threats associated with code enforcement.

Also the Los Angeles Housing Department already has enough work in their hands dealing with thousands of slamlords in Los Angeles, they don’t need to spend more time writing notes of compliances, violation notices or requests to comply. Be proactive, find out what you have to do and handle all such situations beforehand and save yourself some money, time and aggravation.

Call us now and we will be glad to help.

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