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Roof repair needed.

Sir, I found the leak, Sir!

“Roof Moisture Surveys have proven to be a very effective method for improving the long-term performance and reducing the life-cycle cost of roofing systems. It is generally agreed that it is technically unwise and fiscally irresponsible to develop plans for the maintenance, repair, or replacement of a roof without first conducting a Roof Moisture Survey.” –“The Military Engineer,” April 1982, Vol. 74, No. 479.

Working for them would be way too easy; military damage on a roof is simple to detect. Sir, the leak is right there, Sir.

Think of the RMS as your roof’s trip to the dentist: Decay is inevitable, but with x-rays and regular brushing and flossing, the degradation can be monitored and contained. An annual RMS will not only find existing leaks, but will also enable us to predict future ones and address them before they ruin your roof, your walls, your foundation, and your molars, not to mention your bank account.

Spread the knowledge to others