Let there be...wiring!

Let there be...wiring!

Household electrical consumption has grown enormously over the years, yet the wiring in most homes remains basically unchanged from the time they were built. Do you experience sudden power outages, circuit breakers that trip often, fuses that blow repeatedly, computers that crash during routine operations, or a basic shortage of outlets? You should consider replacing your wiring. And while you’re at it, why not install additional wiring for your phones, televisions, home entertainment equipment, computers, and other low-voltage telecommunications needs?

Since the ’50s, the average individual home electrical consumption rose by more than 400 percent. If you live in an older home, odds are good that your electrical system is already working beyond its intended capacity. Although all properly installed wiring systems have built-in safety features, any system can be overloaded – or, worse, can become a hazard to those using it. Your family’s safety is most important, and beyond that, it’s inconvenient to live with a system that can’t keep up with your needs.

Call us with any of your wiring issues. We can ensure you will never be forced to nonconsensually reenact Ben Franklin’s famous kite-in-a-storm moment, as either Ben Franklin, the kite, or the storm.

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