Promo $190/sf room addition

In this page you will find all you need to know about Promo $190/sf room addition | Los Angeles County Special

About This Promo:

Promo $190 Room Addition Promotion is the most affordable way to add space to your home if you live in Los Angeles.

It includes the construction of any single story residential structure, larger than 500 Sq Ft. but there are some exclusion, see below.

Call now and book a consultant to discuss your project and prepare a plan with estimates, containing all total costs for only $150 consultation fee!

This amount goes towards your project if you hire us!

What’s Included on this promo of $190/sq feet of building.


We include slab on grade or raised foundations in standard soil conditions. If the soil is other than standard (usually in hillside properties)

In which case, The Ultimate Handyman will notify the home owner on any additional cost prior to signing a contract.


All frame work including exterior & interior walls, floors, ceiling will be flat at 8 feet highest. Higher flat or vaulted ceilings are optional at additional cost.


We will tap new wires to Existing service, in addition, we will install new breakers for new circuits and new outlet every 6 feet.

In the bedrooms, we will install 1 new recessed light per each 50 Sq Ft of new built area & one smoke detector per bedroom.

We will also install one outdoor light, one outdoor outlet, on any attached part of the house, with an entrance, when we build it.


The building code requires 10% minimum lighting for any room other then a closet and a bathroom. Nevertheless we offer up to 15% for no additional cost.

This means that if your room is 500 Sq Ft, you could have up to 75 Sq Ft of windows!

For example, you could have two 4’ x 3’ windows, a 2’ x 2’ bath window, a 6’x 2’ over the bed.

In addition, we offer a variety of aluminum and vinyl energy efficient windows and sliders to match your existing ones.


When it comes to doors, we offer hollow core, paint grade interior doors of several designs.

Also, it is important to mention, that the front doors or and exterior doors, are not included, but will be installed at no additional change if supplied by the home owner.


When it comes to insulation, the rules have changed to cover for title 24, but we offer the following materials.

Per city code, for raised Floor we install R-19 insulation.

When it comes to exterior walls we install R-13 insulation.

Now for Ceilings we install R-30 insulation.

If your title 24 requires anything above that, we will have to provide a change order.

Exterior Wall Finish:

We provide the application of full 3 coats stucco walls, scratch, Brown, & Color, or, installation of Primer coated wood siding panels. One or the other.

Interior Wall Finish:

We provide the installation of smooth-finish drywall, ready for paint.


When it comes to roofing the rules have changed for title 24, but we provide asphalt shingle roof.

We give you options of color and style to match existing roof as close as possible.

All other roofing materials are available at additional cost or as a change order.

Daily job site cleanup:

This one goes without saying, a tidy job site means a tidy job. We are good at it and will do weekly, all-around clean ups, and trash removal.

Promo $190/sf room addition | Los Angeles County Special

What Is Excluded:

Project and Design:

We can provide a standard set of plans for $1,600 as a basic design type V Construction.

Changes, adaptations and modifications of initial presented design will be charged $500 per changes, that extra includes printing of new set of plans and basic modifications.

Also excluded are Architectural stamps (usually $1 to $2K), engineering stamps and designs (usually $1 to $4K), soil reports (generally $1 to $3K), GPS reports (about $1K), land survey and topographic drawings (about $1.5K per property line)  and anything above and beyond the services that The Ultimate Handyman provides has to be charged above and beyond the $190 per sq ft.

That is why the initial consultation for $150 is a very good investment. What you receive from us will include everything you need on paper to shop around and see that we are the most cost efficient option.

City Permit Fees:

The Cost of permits varies from one city to another.

Most cities should be able to estimate the cost if given the addition size and the number of electrical and plumbing fixtures installed.

We will include a cost based on the results of the initial consultation, so you can have a rough idea of fees.


Any structure that is unique to the property, like patios, concrete slabs, sheds, fences, gates, Etc.,  that needs to demolished, will be quoted separately and will show as optional on the contract.

The home owner may choose to hire others to do the demo job.

The demolition of the walls, doors and windows between the new addition and the existing house is included in the promotional price.

Existing Utilities Relocation:

Any relocation of an utility line, that is related or not to the room addition, it is not included.

Also any object that is unique to the property, like electrical panel, water main lines, gas meter, sprinklers systems, or any buried boulders, has to be charged separately and will show as optional on the contract.

The home owner may choose to hire others to do the demo job or other service not included in our contract.

Interior Finish:

This promotion does not include any flooring, finish plumbing, tile work, wall and ceiling texture, crown moldings, closet organizers, or any other type of finish or paint.


None of the plumbing is included in this promo.

But keep in mind that if you’re planning a bathroom in the new addition, we can do that for you for a deal of a price!

We will connect the drain line, supply hot and cold water to all new fixtures and even install your bathroom fixtures, for a fraction of the cost charged by plumbers.

Unlike the free estimates we get out there, we do not send sales people to your home.

When you pay for the $150 consultation fee, the actual General contractor will come to your home to discuss your project.

We will transcribe the results of the conversation he has with you, on an estimate-style format, that you can use to shop apples to apples.

The builders will spend time with you to discuss your project, asking the right questions and producing a report with the discussed requirements, so all the exclusions listed here will no longer be a money mystery!

Options and other things you can ask for while we are preparing a cost report:

The following options are available for your room addition project.

• High Ceilings

• Interior Finish

• Other Roofing Materials

• Wooden Windows

• Call Now and book a consultation. You can pay on your credit card!

For all areas and zip codes where we provide constructions services, additions and remodels.  

We truly hope we have helped you today, either with needed information or knowledge, but if you still have the problem and want it resolved, feel free to call us at 323-651-0635 and we will be glad to send you an technician to solve your particular problem.



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