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Safe room – or, if you are a Jodie Foster fan, panic room – offer you and your employees emergency safe places to await arrival of security, police, or if your concern are natural disasters, a safe place to be when the ground starts shaking.

We can convert an existing closet, bathroom, or other suitable room into a safe enclosure – or build you one from scratch. We can even design it to withstand a strong earthquake or Category 5 hurricane. Though we seldom name clients, we have created safe rooms for many public figures and celebrities.

The movie had a happy ending, and we can do our very best construction to ensure that you, your loved ones, and your home do, too.

The Ultimate Handyman makes alterations to your home to make any room a safer room. Sometimes homeowners request a metal door and plywood envelope throughout the inside of a closet to be used as a safe room if needed be. On the other hand we like to do things right, building walls out of steel reinforced cinder block masonry, separate air supply from the exterior with lines running hidden through the slab floor to the exterior hundreds of feet away from the house, sprinkler control system that is actuated by a valve inside the room, a monitoring system that allows you to see all other entrances and exits of your property, a private phone system with lines that bypass your hardwired phone panel and connect directly from a cell phone antenna on the exterior of the house, and the list goes on…

When you are locked in a safe room for a while you don’t want to leave if nature calls or if you are hungry or thirsty, so a well stocked bathroom can make a pretty good safe room, specially if it is right off the bedroom you sleep in.

When we talk about safe rooms you first think about intruders, but safe rooms are rooms where you know that you will be safe no matter what the threat is. As an example, here in Southern California there is a constant threat of earthquakes, although they are seldom and most frequently they are not too strong, they do cause damage and are a threat to the residents of any dwelling.

We tend not to be much concerned about earthquakes’ capabilities of destruction, but for those who are concerned, The Ultimate Handyman can build an structure designed to sustain substantial shakes without collapsing, in addition, every big item and fixtures in the room can be bolted down to walls and floor so they are not a threat during an earthquake.

For all areas and zip codes where we provide constructions services, additions and remodels.  

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