solutions for your business Essential Personal Protection against Covid-19

In this page, you will find what types of protective barriers that you can install in between employees and the public for a safer work environment.

Have you already reopened your business after the quarantine? Probably yes, right?

Besides keeping areas sanitized and protected, nowadays there is more we need to do to maintain a safer environment. With the new dangers of Covid-19, you will need to bring new safety solutions and special safety devices to be integral part of your business.

This is the reason why we made this video. As a person responsible for your business, you have been seeing some different types of barriers and acrylic protectors coming up all over, including around cashiers, in restaurants, and in general, between people. If you don’t know where to find or how to start implementing  safety solutions for your own business, we will help you.

Now any business that requires their employees to interact with customers, or each other, will have to consider the installation of protective shields or social distancing barriers, AKA Sneeze Guards. So EVERY Business has to do this.

Like I mentioned before, Sneeze-guards and separation shields are the new normal. You will be able to find a lot of options online, but maybe you don’t know the difference between one or another.

In this video below,  you will see what types of protective barriers that you can install in between employees and the public. This has to happen, not only for the safety of your employees, but most importantly, that your customers will feel safe doing business with you.

We also prepared a list of all types of barriers mentioned on the video and safety products related to Covid-19 for you and your family to improve safety.  Just click on the links below to get access.

Be safe! The World became a dangerous place to be in. Be prepared, because we all have to be here!

Check out at the links below the selection of products that we found important to create safer spaces:

 Items for Personal Protection against the Corona Virus – Covid-19

Barriers and Protectors to protect your Business and your customers #1:

Barriers and Protectors for your Business and your customers #2

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 Here you can download or access some files, such as the transcript of the video and access live links with real-time information released by authorities about this COVID-19 pandemic.




transcript of the video




LA County Daily COVID-19 Data




CDC - Cases in the U.S.

We truly hope we have helped you today, either with needed information about specific products or general knowledge on how to protect your business, but if you still have unanswered questions, feel free to comment on the video and we will try to answer you.

If you need any of the products installed just call us at 323-651-0635 and we will be glad to send you a technician to help you installation.

If you do not know where to start, just call us and book an assessment. A safety specialist will be sent to your place of business to create a plan customized to you under these rates.

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