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Secret doors to a Closet or to a Room makes a home much more secure in a case of a home invasion.

Secret doors to secret rooms are very common security systems. You don’t hear that ofter about these rooms, because who has one, don’t go around telling everyone.

This kind of secret passageways have been used throughout history for a simple reason:  What cannot be found — will not be taken!

A secret door can be used as an entrance to any room where you can hide your valuables, guns, and your safe, but most importantly, you can hide yourself and your family, in any situation that you don’t want to be found by intruders!

A secret door has to be designed and built in such a way to hide its entrance aspects of a door, and only display the features of an unmovable piece, for example, any built-in furniture.

A good secret door, has to be perfectly integrated with its environment, and built –in a form resembling something other than a passageway.

The ideal way to hide a door, is in a form of a simple, decorative feature, that is permanently installed with some wood trim, like a mirror, a painting, a paneled wall, or the backing of any built-in furniture, these make excellent secret passageways.

The building aspects of any secret door have to tell the observer, that the piece is NOT movable; therefore, it is not an entrance to another room.  Another trick of a good hidden door is to be built-in into the walls, with wood trims that generally have to be treated like the surrounding finishes, covering any gaps for a perfect concealment.

Animation of a bandit thinking, his hand on his chin, index finger in front of his mouth while thumb holds the chin pensively and a bubble shows on top of his head – Where would they keep their valuables? While a family sits on the other side of a secret door. 

We design secret doors in a way to be viewed as a stationary piece, that hold books, decorative pieces and other artifacts, making it nearly impossible to be detected without a lot of effort.

While showing a Picture of front break – apply kens burn to the lock.

Any concealed doors have to move freely as any other door, but in a shelving type, they have to travel solidly enough not to disturb the contents of the shelves and to carry heavy weight. So we use square steel tubes for the structure, welded into a system of hinges, affixed at the top and bottom, making it solidly built but gliding freely.

We can also install hidden locking mechanisms that only heavy-duty demolition equipment would allow for entrance when locked from the inside.

Using pieces precisely planned and built to the exact specifications, a secret door can be another effective tool on your line of defense for your security strategy.

We can design and build a house from the ground up with many safety features in mind, including underground escape routes, trap doors and safe rooms, or we can remodel your home to add a secret space with a good hidden door, or simply, use an existing closet and conceal it with one custom secret door. These are three different levels of safety, with one thing in common –space concealment.

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