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Snowboard, helmet and boots storage shelving system

You are buying all new snowboard gear. That is great news! But options to store or to display your board may be very limited.

We looked for a shelf that could hold two boards, three helmets and one pair of boots and we could not find anything online!  So we designed and built our own. Here are the very first original sketches we used to come up with the wood locking shelf and proper display angles:


snowboard shelf plans


It took many more technical drawings to give us the minimalist results and to fine-tune the slide-and-lock shelving.

Now this is how it looks like already built. It holds 3 helmets, two pairs of boots or if you have two boards you can hang the helmets higher and place two boards in it.

built shelf for snowboard

Now you can head to the slopes, shred it at the mountains and when the time comes to put your gear away it will be hanging on your custom shelving display system…

bought all new equipment

1st Option:

You can build it yourself, including the self-locking slider boards, You can even plan for more shelves and to hang other gear you are planing to store by using our plans.

A basic set of plans will cost you about $30 and we email it to you. You can modify it to your needs.

2nd Option: 

We can build this for you on a time and materials basis. Meaning you pay for the materials and for the time that it takes to build it. A basic, unfinished wood cuts and hardware can be sent to you for less than $200 plus shipping.

3rd Option:

We can also finish the wood with polyurethane or even painting it with your favorite color before finishing and that can be also done on a time and materials basis, but that will cost you in between $300 to $800 depending of the finish you choose.

4th Option:

If you are local, meaning living in Los Angeles or adjacent cities within 25 miles from our office, we can install it to you too for only an extra $150

Email us at Webmaster@ultimate-handyman.com and we will help you getting what you want.

Spread the knowledge to others