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How a solar powered house works.

How heating water with a solar assisted system works.

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Solar power: the basis for all life on earth! Solar thermal principles have been used for thousands of years to warm dwellings. But solar electricity – photovoltaics – is a very new practice. We can work with both to help you use your roof surface to heat air or water and produce electricity, saving your money and saving our environment.

Photovoltaic Panels:

We provide professional installation and Maintenance for any style and models. You sell the photovoltaic system to a local resident in the Greater Los Angeles or anywhere in Southern California, USA. You ship it to the customer, we install and keep track of an annual schedule to maintain them.

We install the system but they are your customers locally, they contact you for service and regular maintenance and we keep your product working properly and your customers happy.

You send us your manuals and replacement parts. We troubleshoot, clean the panels for top efficiency and check all connections and weak links. Your system will work like a well oiled machine and all you have to do is to open a retainer account with us. Deposit for retainer accounts are of levels starting at $150 and are available for you to use for up to 2 years! Check out our rates and corporate accounts guidelines.

Spread the knowledge to others