Temporary Roofing installation.

In this page you will find all you need to know about Temporary Roofing installation in Los Angeles.

It looks like it is about to rain…but if re-roofing is impractical for time or money reasons, call us to temporarily divert water with tarps and plastic. Water damage can be much more costly than a new roof.

There is one interesting fact about temporary roofing in the areas with high concentration of communities and homeowners associations, which is the case of Los Angeles: Homeowner associations need temporary roofs more than any other residential dwellings. Our theory is that when board members fail to decide on spending the association’s money on building a new roof, they go for a temporary solution until they have time to think or decide what to do, therefore hiring our services to prevent water damage to units within the condominium. No one wants to be blamed for not taking action, no one wants to be blamed for spending big chunks of money unwisely building new roofs and no one wants to be blamed for water damaged, so the only win-win situation is spending money on a temporary solution.

This building was practically inserted in a plastic bubble in order to prevent water damage. The storm came and nothing was damaged. I guess everyone won. The Ultimate Handyman provided emergency temporary roof and water damage prevention systems ahead of the storm in Los Angeles.

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