Values and Goals

The higher values instituted on every interaction during remodels and construction at the ultimate handyman in los angeles

We Know the Formula for Success

Your Values and Goals Have to Align With Ours.

So consider this before calling us:

We do not do anything that could be construed as unethical, even for the smallest of jobs. Don’t ask us to cover up revealed damages, because we do not want to deceive the next guy. Why? Because the next guy could be you, or me!

We do not jerry-rig anything! We do it right, we do it well and we do it to everyone’s satisfaction. Including those that are not present, and may be buying your property in the future!

Here at The Ultimate Handyman, we cultivate the core values taught by repeating success.


We know the formula for success using our Values and Goals:

  •  First and foremost- Integrity, Respect, and Honesty on every relationship,
  • Keeping your goals in mind with thoughtful decisions, ethical choices, superior craftsmanship.
  • Using our resourcefulness and responsiveness to achieve your goals and the satisfaction of everyone involved.
  • The outcome we have in mind is outstanding results and complete Satisfaction of all parties.
  • Our company’s  main goal is to provide quality services to satisfy our clients and the clients of our clients.
  • Getting better at it daily, as we learn your needs and learn to fulfill them as a partner.

You Are More Than a Customer

We consider you more than a customer — you are a Client. We are partners in success. Our goal is your success. We will guide our actions around our clients’ needs, with outstanding values and earnest goals.

We cultivate integrity as the foundation of every relationship we establish.

Our clients, colleagues, partners, subs, investors, and including our competitors receive the utmost respect and honesty.

Here at The Ultimate Handyman, integrity means acting responsibly, honestly and being fair in every activity we perform.

We know that our success is a result of right, thoughtful decisions and ethical choices along with superior craftsmanship.

We also know that our success is reflected by the ability to be Flexible, Resourceful and Responsive to your needs.


1)- We are flexible by embracing any necessary change and acting responsibly adapting to your needs within the values cited above.


2)- We are resourceful by adding the most technological advanced techniques and materials in every task we perform. We implement new systems keeping in mind cost-effectiveness to meet your needs maintaining superior craftsmanship mentioned above.


3)- We are responsive to the needs and opinions of our clients. We keep our clients success and needs in mind on every task we handle.

Our Main Goals

In Sum, our company’s goal is to provide quality services at unbeatable prices to satisfy our clients. We will get better at it daily as we learn your needs and learn to fulfill them as a partner. Call us right now!


Switch to us. You will never go back.

Switch to us. You will never go back.


The Ultimate Handyman performs labor for other bigger companies in Los Angeles.


Is your contractor playing a game of hide and seek with you? Hiding the work that he knows needs to be done and seeking extra payments when he “runs into it”?

We can help you.

On a daily basis we take on projects that contractors have evaluated for thousands of dollars and we have tackled them for a fraction of the price.

All done on a time and materials basis.

We are a different kind of company, click values on the nav bar and compare with what your contractor is doing.

It is a no-Brainer. Call us and give us a chance to prove our value. You will be firing your contractor and never looking back.

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